Coming Up

Coming Up

I’ve had a busy last couple of years on the writing side, and that has led to a pile up of material waiting to be published, including novels, novellas, short story collections and numerous anthology appearances.

Here are the headlines.

I have numerous works coming up from Dark Regions Press, who are being very good to me. In the proposed order of publication we have:-

  • Dark Melodies – A collection of Lovecraftian stories loosely based around a musical theme (Limited edition Hardcover / Paperback )
  • Professor Challenger – The Island of Terror – A novella (Limited edition Hardcover / Paperback )
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Yellow Peril and Other Stories – A collection of 10 stories and a novella (Limited edition Hardcover / Paperback )
  • The Ravine – A weird Western novel (Limited edition Hardcover / Paperback )
  • The Plasm – A pulp SF novella ( Paperback )
  • From Deep Within the Shadows – A supernatural story collection (Limited edition Hardcover / Paperback )
  • A. N. OTHER novel, as yet unwritten.

The proposed dates for all of these are still fluid, but Dark Melodies should be available for order in July.

I also have numerous anthology appearances lined up.

  • Call and Response (Cthulu 2012 / Mythos Books)
  • Descanse en Paz (Undead and Unbound / Chaosium )
  • SymbiOS (Eldritch Chrome / Chaosium )
  • Ghost nor Bogle (Danse Macabre / EDGE Publishing )
  • Out of the Black (Fading Light / Angelic Knight )
  • The Pied Piper of Providence (Once Upon An Apocalypse / Chaosium )
  • A Slim Chance (A Cat of Nine Tales / Rookhaven )
  • Carnacki: The Island of Dr. Monroe (TBA )
  • The Skin Belt (Best Werewolf Tales 2 / Books of the Dead Press )

And last but not least, I have an appearance in Japan, in Japanese, in a pro publication where I’ll be alongside Joe Lansdale and Robert E Howard among others.

  • Carnacki: The Sisters of Mercy (Nightland Magazine )

I also have a lot of story subs out at anthologies and magazines waiting on a reply, and I’m in discussion with Dark Regions over future books to be published by them. So keep everything crossed for me.

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